Coughing my way into 2011

27 Jan

2011 rang with promise. I was going to start cooking, become a chef and win over my boyfriend’s heart with my amazing newly found domestic skills. Well… I cooked two successful meals and then got a bit busy coughing my lungs up thanks to an office full of germs.

The Chicago trip and move in to the new apartment was a success and in typical Laura fashion my body went into full breakdown mode once everything was taken care of. Like clockwork Monday after all the heavy lifting was done a little cough started and soon turned into a full on barbaric roar.

After two trips to the urgent care I was given some heavy duty cough syrups… the kind with codeine that Lil Wayne sips on from his pimp cup and a Z Pack. I am starting to feel better all thanks to the kindness my boyfriend showed me while I broke his eardrums with my incessant coughing.

Being sick has really stunk but I try to look at the positives in all situations… by being sick I was able to be taken care of my boyfriend. It was the little things he did, like buying me 8 jumbo PowerAde’s because it hurt to eat. Or making me toast with cheese and mustard melted on it because he knows that’s how I like to eat it (gross I know… but it tastes so good!) He even bought two kinds of orange juice, pulp and pulp free… because I love pulp and he can’t stand it.

It may be the codeine in my cough syrup talking, but I can’t help but feel loved. To have someone that understands you with out words exchanged is very special… and being sick showed me how lucky I am to have a friend like that in my life.

Has a loved one taken care of you before?


P.S. I’m back in the kitchen and will have more recipes asap 🙂



One Response to “Coughing my way into 2011”

  1. Jessica D Torres January 27, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    It is good to be loved and taken care of when you are not feeling well. My husband is very good at picking up the slack around the house and with the kids when I am sick. It also gives him a better idea of what my days are like and everything that I have to do. I hope your cough has gone away!

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