One year ago today.

14 May

One year ago today… 

our 12 week old baby passed away. 

It took a a few long months to recovery from the D&C.  Physically and mentally one of the hardest things I have even gone through. 

I switched OBGYNs and on my first visit they spotted a birth defect in my uterus. 

The sadness and heartbreak fell over me again.

I was born with a Septate Uterus.

This is rare but not totally uncommon. 

Over 15 years of OBGYN appointment and everyone missed that my uterus was over 75% filled with a fibrous tissue. 

I was referred to an amazing DR. I had months worth bloodwork, Dr. appointments and exrays leading up to the surgery.  

Three incisions in my stomach and in through my vagina to cut the tissue away. It lasted a few hours with a full week recovery and months to fully heal. 

I am thankful for all my loving family and friends who helped me through this sad time. 

Now here I sit one year later.

I sit and think about the last year of sadness and only hoping for a brighter year to come. 


xoxo – Elizabeth 



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