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Next steps: In Vitro

6 Feb

In 2014 I will…..Stay Positive

Infertility can put a stone wall between you and everything. It is up to you to make sure you continue to stay positive.
Years of trying, month after month of disappointment, a brief moment of excitement and in the blink of an eye devastation.

I am always told that I stay positive about my situation. Honestly that is all I can do. I have amazing parents, three sisters, 7 nieces and nephews, an awesome Grammie, a hard working handsome husband, fabulous Friends, great in-laws and the cutest dog. My job is great and I have a home that should be in a magazine. I could not be more blessed in life. There seems to be just one little hiccup.

Our Next Steps InVetro. My next steps: continue to stay positive.

Our Journey:

October 2010 – Decided to start trying
March 2012 – Became pregnant
May 2012- Miscarriage at 12 weeks
June & July 2012 Recover from miscarriage and D&C
August-September – Started trying again.
October 2013 – Switched OBGYN and they found I had a Septate Uterus.
February 2013 – Surgery to remove the fibrous tissue that filled my uterus. (google it)
October 2013- Started Clomid (50)
November 2013 – Second Round of clomid (100)
December 2013 – Third round of clomid (100)
February 2014- Prep for In Vitro
March 2014 – In Vitro

Wish me luck!

XOXO – Elizabeth


House Hunting

25 Sep

From November to April we were house hunting. During the process we looked at a lot of cool houses in all different types of neighborhoods and cities in our area. We put in two different offers, which were not accepted due to people coming with all cash. We did not get discouraged. In late April we went to see a house in a subdivision that was a ranch style. We had not been interested in either of these two situations before and I was not very excited to check it out. Little to our surprise we both fell in love, instantly.

Long story short – the previous owners moved out end of July and we started our renovations middle of August.  As the transformations start I will share all of our very unique industrial ideas!! Our new home is going to be amazing!!

Overall our house buying experience was awesome. We had a wonderful realtor who was more than available and we found our dream home with out too much heartbreak along the way.

What was your last house buying experience like?

XOXO – Elizabeth

Perfect Wedding Gift!

18 Sep

“The First Dance”

My mother painted this picture for my best friends of their first dance. She was able to capture the moment perfectly!

The First Dance

The First Dance

If you are interested in ordering a painting like this please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get in touch with you!

This is a beautiful wedding gift for a Bride and Groom of their first dance.

She will need a few clear photos of your newlyweds and will can create, simple, clean painting where the bride and her dress are the center of attention!

Several photos of bride’s flowers and background shots of items to be included.

xoxo – Elizabeth

Staycation or Vacation

30 Aug

Which is it – Labor Day Weekend or Hurricane Isaac* that has caused the huge gas spike this week. I have heard both excuses all week-long. How can it be legal to have an increase of 20+ cents over /night? Who regulates this stuff!

holy hell!

Getting to my point – now that the end of summer is here what do you plan to do? Are you staying at home for a Staycation to enjoy BBQ’s and festivities around your area or do you have a trip planned out-of-town?

We have a fun festival, arts beats and eats, right at the end of our street all weekend, but I think we are going to head to the tip of the thumb (I am a michigander) to our cottage and enjoy some of the final days of warmish summer night.

Michigan Sunset

Please share! What are your plans?!

*my heart goes out to everyone that was affected by Hurricane Isaac. I send prayers to them for a  fast recovery and the families that have lost everything.


Wordless Wednesday

29 Aug

This past weekend I visited Washington DC. I was there to see one of my sisters who just had a new baby boy. They also have a little four year old girl Naomi who I had so much fun with! I ended up leaving my camera there, so the post about my trip will have to wait. I did however have this awesome picture on my phone that I wanted to share. This came from the FDR monument.


XOXO – Elizabeth


Bachelorette Party Part 1

11 Aug

We just celebrated my best friends bachelorette party in Chicago. As co-Maid of Honor we were able to put together a really REALLY good time.  This first post is just going to highlight all the fun we had and then I would like to share some really great ideas we came up with to make this a special weekend!

We started our morning at 8 am when we jumped on the Mega Bus in Detroit, Michigan. The ride would take about 5 1/2 hours to arrive in Chicago.

We definitely made the most of the semi long bus ride. We handed out gift bags and these printed coozies were one of our party gifts. We played many games which made the time fly. I will explain the games in my next post. They were very funny and got the whole group involved.

After we checked into our Hotel, the Westin on Mich Ave, had a coffee, stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then we got our matching tanks tops on to hit up the city. If you are wondering what they say… “One Last Ride for the Bride.” Yes, that is a mustache. Now, I know what you are thinking. But they were hilarious and  we only had one girl bashful to wear it.

A dear friend from college has a few bars in Wrigley area Bar Celona and Sopa. Two fabulous bars that I would highly recommend. Bar Celona is where our first pyramid went down!

The next morning came fast and we got dolled up to hit the beach. We took a walk down Lake Shore drive for about a mile. It was a gorgeous day and people were everywhere. ( we did jump off that sea wall at the end of the day)

Of course we have to stop for Pictures! Did you notice our matching sun glasses?

We finally made our way to Castaways. At first we were a little uneasy at the level of DRUNK people already were at noon. It only took an hour before we joined the party and had a killer time!

Before we left we had to jump in the water. By this time we were definitely not sober so a photo shoot on the beach was an amazing idea!

On our way back we thought it was the perfect time for another one of these!

After the beach party we had only a few hours to get ready, do gifts and catch our limo. We gave the girls 1 hours to get ready. There was a lot pizza eaten and a lot of jumping on the beds in that hour. ha

Finally 8:45 rolled around and our limo was waiting outside for us.

The next morning came very quickly again as we had to be at the bus stop at 10:30. The bus ride home was a little more tame. We laughed a lot, shared our pictures and had a few naps. It literally took me the whole week to recover!

XOXO – Elizabeth

Spring Break 12′

20 Mar


Well, packing the bag and heading to Florida for 7 days for a well needed vacation. We are spending the week with family and don’t have much planned except for horse back riding on the beach!

I usually try not to check luggage since it is so expensive these days, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. I hate taking that chance that my luggage may OR may not make it to same destination.

My mother once had a one way straight flight to Florida. She checked her luggage upon arrival and when she landed it was no where to be found. After weeks and weeks and lots of phone calls it was found. It went around the world to China, visiting a few neighboring cities, made its way back to the States, stopped off in Washington, back to Detroit and finally to Florida.

Now when I travel and I have to check my bags, I always bring a carry on that holds one outfit, bathing suit, toothbrush, and my make-up.

Did you ever experience your luggage taking its own vacation?

xoxo – Elizabeth

Are you Obsessed?

7 Mar

I am doing a Repin Challenge at work. If you are on Pinterest (new shiny toy) please repin this photo to your followers! Well, I guess if you like it =) Just click the photo and it will take you to my page!

Thank you! Looking forward to following you back! Please share your Pinterest link below!!

xoxo – Elizabeth

Boyne, Ski Weekend

2 Feb

Each year the advertising industry in Detroit throws a winter weekend get away. If anyone knows Michigan there are not many places to ski. So we drive up to Boyne.

This is our second year attending. Before last year it had been maybe 20 years since the last time I hit up the slopes. Needless to say I was very intimidated.  This year we did a lot better. The chair lifts still presented a challenge, but not as many falls and tons of laughs.

Do you hit the slopes? Ski or Snowboard? Where do you go?

xoxo – Elizabeth

Weight Watchers!

9 Jan

It is a a new year and today I joined Weight Watchers Online.

This is my second time on the program. 2.5 years ago – 6 months before our wedding I joined and lost about 16 pounds. I am by no means “fat” but you know a girls need to look good on her wedding day!

Well, over the past few years I have let a pound here and there hang around. My jeans fit a little bit tighter and I would wear a sweatshirt all the time if I could. It has been long enough and I decided that the WW online offer right now was to good to pass up! (no sign up fee and 18 a month)

I am mostly joining to get back on track of eating healthy, tracking portions, and increase exercising each week AND to feel better about my self!

I plan to share my journey and hope to inspire others to get healthy with me! I have done it before and it really does work!

Have you every joined WW or currently on the program? Please share your experience!!

xoxo – Elizabeth