Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – 2013

31 Dec

Hope everyone has had a happy and safe Christmas season. Here are a few pictures from the holidays! 

This year I got my first “Ugly” Christmas sweater. It is not that ugly, but it is definitely pretty silly.



Lots of snow paired with an ice storm that left my family without power for seven days!



This year we decided that we were going to get a new prelit Christmas tree. I few of the lights didn’t work, but we kept it anyways. 


We even put the our pup in a Santa outfit.. (Not a big fan)



Cute little decorations! 


Set the table with my Great Grandmothers China. This set was made before 1916!


As the break comes to an end we relax and enjoy the last few day of 2013 and welcome 2014! Happy New Year!



xoxo – Elizabeth 


Japanese Beetles

29 Jul

Japanese Beetles

Please go away! You have completely ruined my rose garden and how you are have started on my other flowers!

Every evening after work I put on my kitchen gloves, grab my mop bucket full of soapy water and spend an hour picking all the beetles I can find. (The picking has been going on for a week) I have bought some spray from Home Depot, but have yet to hook it to the hose.

Anyone else having the nasty little friends visiting their garden?

XOXO – Elizabeth

Finding beauty in violent storms

24 May

These photos are beautiful. But scary…

CNN Photos

Camille Seaman is known for her dramatic images of icebergs that reveal the beauty of these ancient yet threatened objects. She recently turned her attention to a different natural phenomenon, weather, and applied the same fine-art aesthetic to capture its power and brilliance.

Seaman credits her daughter with the inspiration for the series “The Big Cloud.” At 8 years old, she was watching a storm-chasing program on television when the idea hit her: “Mom, you should do that,” she said.

Interested, Seaman searched the term “storm chasing” on the Internet and discovered a whole industry and community that she never knew existed. “That’s how it began,” she said.

Since 2008, she has built on that initial burst of curiosity to produce powerful images of storm clouds brewing throughout the Midwest, in what she considers an extension of her iceberg work.

“After spending so much time in polar regions and experiencing…

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One year ago today.

14 May

One year ago today… 

our 12 week old baby passed away. 

It took a a few long months to recovery from the D&C.  Physically and mentally one of the hardest things I have even gone through. 

I switched OBGYNs and on my first visit they spotted a birth defect in my uterus. 

The sadness and heartbreak fell over me again.

I was born with a Septate Uterus.

This is rare but not totally uncommon. 

Over 15 years of OBGYN appointment and everyone missed that my uterus was over 75% filled with a fibrous tissue. 

I was referred to an amazing DR. I had months worth bloodwork, Dr. appointments and exrays leading up to the surgery.  

Three incisions in my stomach and in through my vagina to cut the tissue away. It lasted a few hours with a full week recovery and months to fully heal. 

I am thankful for all my loving family and friends who helped me through this sad time. 

Now here I sit one year later.

I sit and think about the last year of sadness and only hoping for a brighter year to come. 


xoxo – Elizabeth 


SIDS Awareness

4 Mar

Last fall some dear friends lost one of their twin baby girls to SIDS. It was a very sad and tragic event that I could not imaging going through.

April is Spring for SIDS and we have set up an In Memory of Miley Jean bowling fundraiser. We have reserved a few hours at the local bowling alley, lunch will be provided, a slient auction and raffle to bid on.  If you would like to donate just click on the link above. 


Melissa with her sweet babies Lillian and Miley. We are thinking of you little pumpkin!


XOXO – Elizabeth


Harlem Shake

25 Feb

The week the Harlem Shake viral videos went crazy I was at home recovering from surgery. I had no idea this as happening.

When I returned that next week I caught up on all the funny videos out there. Some are good. Some are not good. And one was worth sharing. A co-worker of mine has the cutest little kids and they created their own video. Well, with the help of their father.


XOXO – Elizabeth


Shadows – Wordless Wednesday

20 Feb

Shadows - Wordless Wednesday

I have anxiously waited for positive news. As I lay recovering the sun appeared. It brightly filled the room and cast this beautiful reflection against the wall. It only lasted a few moments. Just long enough to make me smile.

To new beginnings!

xoxo – Elizabeth

Top Ten – Places to Visit in the US!

7 Jan

My top ten places in the US.


10. Houghton Lake, Mi – My All time favorite place to be. Largest inland lake in Michigan. We spent every summer at our grandparents house since I was born.
9.  Louisville, Ky – If you ever have the chance to visit Louisville I recommend that you go. My sister used to live there and a dear friend from college still does. We try to make it to the Kentucky Derby each year. This is an event that you have to go to at least once in your lifetime! Don’t forget your big fancy hat!
8. Niagara Falls – Passing through on our way to New York we stopped on a raining afternoon. I feel I need to go back again to appreciate the beauty.  It is crazy the amount of water that dumps over the fall.
7. Yosemite – As a child we went camping in Yosemite. From what I remember, the trees were huge and it got really cold at night. We also saw Half Dome.
6. Lake Tahoe – I have been during the winter and summer months. Once as a child and once after college.  My uncle took me skiing, which I had not idea how to do. At the time I was very scared to go down those big mountains. The scenery from the chair lifts was incredible. You can see for miles and miles.
5. Wash DC – My sister lived outside DC and I was only able to visit her once before they moved. We did the tour of DC and all the monuments. Amazing. I highly recommend taking time to do a day trip. Stop at all the monuments and take in what they all offer. My favorite was FDR.
4. San Francisco, CA – I have family just outside of San Fran. I have been there twice, once when I was a child and after college. This city has so much to offer. I need to go back again to full appreciate it.  Fishermen dwarf is a great tourist attraction. We did not visit Alcatraz, but when I go back I will.
3. Boston, Mass – Spent a day visiting this city at the end of summer a few years ago. We were in the are for a short weekend. I often mention this weekend to my husband as one of our favorites! We visited the Aquarium, toured Harvard campus and stopped at some of the local bars.
2. Kauai, Hawaii – Went for a wedding. Absolutely breath taking! This island does not have much of a night life, but that didn’t matter. We spent our days in the sun on the beaches and our evening hanging out under our Lanai. The funnest thing to see were all the chickens. They roam free like pigeons and are all over the island.
1. Round Pond, Maine – Spent a 3 week vacation here. The beaches, the air, and the sun were so clean. I often think back to this vacation and how I would like to go back some day. Fresh lobster every day!

What is your favorite city and have you been to any of these locations?

xoxo – Elizabeth


White Christmas

27 Dec

White Christmas

Hope you and your family has a wonderful Christmas! Even though it was a day late, we still got out snow! My sister took this photo while taking an afternoon stroll!

xoxo – Elizabeth



24 Nov


I finally switched over to contacts this week. Holy Moly, my eyes are so dry and sting. My eye Dr. said I just need to get used to them. Anyone else have this issue?

xoxo – Elizabeth