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Road Trip

30 Jun

Road Trip!

Are you doing anything fun for the holiday weekend?

We are doing a weekend with friends

After I will head to see Grandma  and visit with new niece during the week (took the week off)

The following weekend my husband and friends are throwing a  big birthday party for my 30th

Excited to have some time off to relax!

xoxo – E


Summer Weekends

23 May

I am not sure when summer arrived, but I am sure glad to see you again. Last weekend I was driving down our street and all of a sudden noticed the big old oak trees were full of life with huge green leaves. When the hell did that happen?

Many of the spring-flowering trees have already come and gone. The lilac bushes, which are my favorite, are just finishing up their bloom and we have already cut the grass and laid a bunch of seed down. It is unbelievable how fast time flies by.

In early May I sent my husband a calendar of what our summer was going look like. I was pleasantly surprised that we actually have a lot of free weekends this year.

Say we have 16 weekends to enjoy the warm summer weather, give or take a few. Here is how I broke it down for him.

  • Three baby showers: It seems as though we have made it past the summers of weddings (we had 9 in one summer once!) and have moved on to baby showers and 30th Bday parties!
  • Two 30th Birthday parties (not including mine)
  • Memorial Weekend at Grandma’s Cottage.
  • 4th of July weekend and my 30th – Taking the week off to celebrate!
  • Family Reunion

I am very excited that SO FAR only 8 of the 16 weekends are spoken for. This is going to be a great summer of free time, traveling, boating, and just enjoying the warm weather!

How is your summer looking and how many free weekends do you have?!