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Snow Day Chicken

22 Feb

Many of you had Monday off for President’s day… unfortunately I did not.  But luck was on my side… Thank you Michigan weather, I got a work from home day (adult snow day). After working all day in my PJ’s the last thing I wanted to do was run out to the grocery store and pick up ingredients for dinner, so I checked the pantry and freezer and this is what I came up with:

Chicken Breasts

Poultry Seasoning

Olive Oil

Jar of Spaghetti sauce

Red Wine Vinegar

Spaghetti noodles


Mozzarella cheese (Actually string cheese, but it still worked!)

I decided to make a light version of chicken Parmesan (minus the deep fried breading). It was really simple!

First I sliced the 2 chicken breasts in half the long way (they were thick, by slicing they cooked faster). Next I created two little foil “boats” in each foil “boat” I added a bit of pasta sauce from a jar, the chicken breasts with Poultry seasoning on them, Olive Oil, and a big splash of Red Wine vinegar. I baked the chicken for 35 minutes at 400. Added some cheese on top and baked the chicken for 5 more minutes.

I was a bit nervous of my first bite because I truly just threw together what I could find… I served the chicken on top of some pasta and it was good! Dave actually said it was my best chicken ever. A proud moment for me 🙂




White Chicken Chili

1 Feb

Here is a very simple and very fast chili recipe that will for sure win the crowd over! At first sight (due to the color of the spinach) your guests may pass over it, but I guarantee that it will be gone at the end of the night! This would be great to make for your Super Bowl party.


  • White Northern Beans (big jar)
  • Jar of Salsa
  • Block of Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Frozen spinach
  • 1 can of Chicken Broth
  • 3 Chicken Breasts

I usually use a slow cooker and start it a few hours before the party, or you can combined it on the stove if you are running out of time.

What you are going to want to do it….
Start with boiling the chicken breasts until cooked.

White beans into slow cooker. (I will usually drain most of the juice from the jar)
Can of chicken broth soup
Jar of salsa ( You can decide which kind you like, I go with mild)
Add Spinach once thawed. (I usually use frozen spinach in the bag and squeeze extra water into the sink.)
Chop up Pepper Jack and sprinkle 1/2 the block into the slow cooker.
Once chicken is cooked shred it and add to cooker.
As it heats add more pepper jack.
Cook on high until ready to serve and turn heat to low.. Stir often.

I must tell you that this recipe has won several firsts place awards in Louisville cooking contests.

Let me know what you think!