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Next steps: In Vitro

6 Feb

In 2014 I will…..Stay Positive

Infertility can put a stone wall between you and everything. It is up to you to make sure you continue to stay positive.
Years of trying, month after month of disappointment, a brief moment of excitement and in the blink of an eye devastation.

I am always told that I stay positive about my situation. Honestly that is all I can do. I have amazing parents, three sisters, 7 nieces and nephews, an awesome Grammie, a hard working handsome husband, fabulous Friends, great in-laws and the cutest dog. My job is great and I have a home that should be in a magazine. I could not be more blessed in life. There seems to be just one little hiccup.

Our Next Steps InVetro. My next steps: continue to stay positive.

Our Journey:

October 2010 – Decided to start trying
March 2012 – Became pregnant
May 2012- Miscarriage at 12 weeks
June & July 2012 Recover from miscarriage and D&C
August-September – Started trying again.
October 2013 – Switched OBGYN and they found I had a Septate Uterus.
February 2013 – Surgery to remove the fibrous tissue that filled my uterus. (google it)
October 2013- Started Clomid (50)
November 2013 – Second Round of clomid (100)
December 2013 – Third round of clomid (100)
February 2014- Prep for In Vitro
March 2014 – In Vitro

Wish me luck!

XOXO – Elizabeth