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Crab Dinner

24 Sep

While cruising through Kroger looking for dinner I can across a sale on “fresh” frozen crab legs. For some reason it really caught my eye and I pulled the cart over to see what this sale was all about.

It looked really good, but I have never cooked crab legs at home or had any idea of how to go about it. SO – I bought them anyways! It was a large package with about 5-6 sections of legs. (Is that what they are called?)

I did a little Googling of how to prepare these things and it ended up being really simple! I boiled a large pot of water, sprinkled in some salt and placed the legs in for about seven minutes.

I also Googled what is a good side to serve with crab legs. Everywhere I read said the simpler the better.  I sauteed some spinach and added parmesan cheese with a little salt. I also melted some butter and added a little garlic salt for taste.

As I was setting the dinner table I remembered that we received a cracker set at our wedding. Since this was the first time I had attempted to cook crab legs I had no idea where they were. After searching several cupboards I finally found them!

We had a lovely time messing with the crab legs. As my husband pulled his apart he would eat them, where I would pull them apart and put them in a pile to save until the end. As my pile of crab meat grew my husbands eyes got bigger and bigger. “I didn’t pick the right legs.” I had to explain that I was saving my until the end which made it look like a lot.

So next time we cook crab legs we are going to compile all the meat onto one plate and then divide it up. 😉

Now that I am newly into the cooking crab leg world, do you have a secret tips or pointers to make the next pot every better?

XOXO – Elizabeth