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Drink of Choice

29 Sep

Now that my Favorite drink of the summer is gone until next year, Sam Adams Summer Ale, I was on a mission to find something new .

I am not much of a drinker, so I do not experiment much with random beers or mixed drinks.  I did however take the waitress’s suggestion to an  Angry Orchard Hard Cider.

I was very pleasantly surprised how delicious this drink was. It does not taste like an alcoholic beverage at all, which could be dangerous. It is a very light apple cider gone wild! (It contains 5% alcohol)

I am not sure how many of these you can drink in a row, it may just be a one bottle at a time, but I will be heading to the store this evening to pick up a a six pack!

As I explored the website I noticed that there are a total of three different flavors. Apple Ginger, Traditional, and Apple Cider. I highly recommend giving this drink a try!

Have you tried this drink yet?

XOXO – Elizabeth