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Spring Break 12′

20 Mar


Well, packing the bag and heading to Florida for 7 days for a well needed vacation. We are spending the week with family and don’t have much planned except for horse back riding on the beach!

I usually try not to check luggage since it is so expensive these days, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. I hate taking that chance that my luggage may OR may not make it to same destination.

My mother once had a one way straight flight to Florida. She checked her luggage upon arrival and when she landed it was no where to be found. After weeks and weeks and lots of phone calls it was found. It went around the world to China, visiting a few neighboring cities, made its way back to the States, stopped off in Washington, back to Detroit and finally to Florida.

Now when I travel and I have to check my bags, I always bring a carry on that holds one outfit, bathing suit, toothbrush, and my make-up.

Did you ever experience your luggage taking its own vacation?

xoxo – Elizabeth


Wordless Wednesday

31 Aug

I was chasing after these birds on the beach when I snapped this photo on my phone. It looks as if the building is warped. (Indian Shores, Florida)

Same Beach different trip I caught this pelican hanging out on the Sanctuary Sign.  The Suncoast Sea Bird Sanctuary is on of the most amazing places. Check out the link to learn more!

XOXO – Elizabeth

Florida Trip!

13 Apr

Having an amazing time! Here are some photos!

xoxo – Elizabeth

Off to Florida with no luggage!

6 Apr

This weekend I am flying to Florida to see my 91 year old grandma. I found a nonstop, round trip ticket through Spirit airlines for $137! Unbelievable.

What’s the catch you ask? Well, I will not be checking any luggage and I will not bring a carry on.

Why no luggage you ask? Well, it was $28 to check a bag and $30 to bring a carry on.

How will I survive you ask? Well, I will bring a personal item. I am thinking my husbands computer backpack. It has several compartments that can hold all the essentials.

I am going for 5 nights. All I really need to bring is my bathing suit, flip flops, beach wrap, and 2 outfits ( I will be wearing one there). Oh, and a tooth brush. Everything else I can just get there!

This great deal could not have come at a better time! More post to follow on this much need trip!

Have you ever scored a killer deal on a flight or have you paid the extra for that carry on?

xoxo – Elizabeth