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Are you Obsessed?

7 Mar

I am doing a Repin Challenge at work. If you are on Pinterest (new shiny toy) please repin this photo to your followers! Well, I guess if you like it =) Just click the photo and it will take you to my page!

Thank you! Looking forward to following you back! Please share your Pinterest link below!!

xoxo – Elizabeth


Twitter Challenge!

20 Apr

Today I hit 700 followers on Twitter. (Wahoo) A new blogging friend of mine over at Man Wife and Dog: tales from a rookie wife’s life also hit 700 followers this morning.. SO – I was challenged to a duel! We are in competition to see who can reach 800 followers first. Best part is we both have the same blog back ground, we are both newly married, no children, successful, and have a cute little dog!  ! Great minds think alike.

The winner will receive free RTS for a week.  So please give some love and follow ME on twitter! @singlelife2wife

With this new challenge we started, it got me thinking! This is a great was to motivate yourself to get out there and stay active. It gets you to connect with your blogger friends and twitter followers.
Would anyone else be interested in joining our little game?

xoxo – Elizabeth