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Staycation or Vacation

30 Aug

Which is it – Labor Day Weekend or Hurricane Isaac* that has caused the huge gas spike this week. I have heard both excuses all week-long. How can it be legal to have an increase of 20+ cents over /night? Who regulates this stuff!

holy hell!

Getting to my point – now that the end of summer is here what do you plan to do? Are you staying at home for a Staycation to enjoy BBQ’s and festivities around your area or do you have a trip planned out-of-town?

We have a fun festival, arts beats and eats, right at the end of our street all weekend, but I think we are going to head to the tip of the thumb (I am a michigander) to our cottage and enjoy some of the final days of warmish summer night.

Michigan Sunset

Please share! What are your plans?!

*my heart goes out to everyone that was affected by Hurricane Isaac. I send prayers to them for a  fast recovery and the families that have lost everything.



Gas Prices

3 Mar

Let me start off with I drive a Saturn Ion. Small compact vehicle that is great on gas. I call it my little roller skate. So, last night I had to stop at the pump. I was on empty, the light had not gone on yet, but very close.

I was driving and my hubby jumped out to pump for me. Due to the freezing temps he quickly got back into the car to wait for it to fill. After a few minutes we heard the click. I looked out the window and the price was $42.00!

$42.00! I could not believe it. My little roller skate just took $42 dollars worth of gas. I normally could get away with under 30 for a fill up. ( I am still in amazement) That tank of gas could last me a good 10 days. BUT STILL! Side note: My hubs drives a truck.. I can only imagine what it costs to fill that pig. ($150)

My questions to you are:

Have you noticed the gas prices in your town going up?
What is the highest you have seen?
How much to fill your tank?