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What are your favorite apps?

30 May

What kind of phone do you have and how many apps have you downloaded?  I do not have a smart phone,  BUT I do have an ipod touch!  I only have a handful of apps and would love some feedback on what are your favorites.

Here are is my list:

Words with friends – I do follow them on Facebook.
Angry Birds
Bejeweled – If you use the app on Facebook you can get lots of coins
Euchre 3D
Handy Level – I have yet to actually use this for any measuring needs

What are you favorite apps?

What is the most you spent on an app?

Any good cooking apps you can recommend?

Please share!

XOXO – Elizabeth


Groupon and Living Social

28 Mar

A few months ago I bought a Groupon for 2 months worth of Jazzercise classes. Well, today was the day that I finally went it. I have been mentally preparing for this. I had a very COMFORTABLE winter – and by comfortable I mean everything fits very snug.

The class was full and the instructor was very funny. I enjoyed the humor as I was very heavy on my feet and could not do all the jumps, toe taps, and hip swivels… My Goal is to attend 5 classes a week. 40 classes in 2 months. I am excited to get moving again, burn some calories, and cut some inches!

I also picked up a Living Social deal today. 10 yoga classes for 20 bucks. I got one for myself and one for my husband. It is a great activity for us to do together in the evening after work.

In the past picked I have up a few other deals – amazon  gift card, a massage, and fancy restaurant deals. Have you every used Groupon or Living Social?

xoxo – Elizabeth