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Top 10 – in your purse!

21 Sep

Stopped by a blogger friend of mine to see what was new with her and she had a fabulous post titled “Put that in your Purse“. Jessica runs a fabulous blog titles: My Time as Mom. Now, I am not a mom yet, but I liked the idea so much that I decided to dig through my very unorganized purse to see what my MUST haves were! I am not including to usual things like check book, wallet. etc.. (I did find my tiffany bracelet in a hidden pocket, WAHOO!)

10. Aleve – This is my go to medicine! Perfect for cramps or headaches!

9. Smell Goods – I always give a little spritz before I head into work, before a meeting, or grocery store.

8. My glasses case – Never know when you need to take them off!

7. Business cards – You may run into someone new or someone old! I have professional work business cards, but I like to hand out my fun personalized ones!

6. A little scratch pad of paper – Sometimes I just want to doodle.

5. Hair clips or pony tail holder – I have Hair Gone Wild. I freak if I cant find a hair tie so every time I find one laying around I throw it in my purse!

4. Mints or pack of gum – Have to keep your mouth so fresh and so clean clean!

3. Mini Hand Sanitize – Nothing worse then touching some unknown object and you cant get to the sink!

2. Shiny lipgloss – Nothing expensive because I ALWAYS lose them! As my Grandma says, but not a quote “A girl should always have a little lipstick on!”

1. A Black Sharpie – You would be surprised how many times I have pulled out my sharpie to save the day!

There is not anything that out of the ordinary on my top 10 list. How about yours – what is your top ten?

XOXO – Elizabeth


What is your favorite fragrance?

28 Jul

I have recently found a new scent from Bath and Body Works. I was at an outlet mall and came across Lemon VanillaI bought the body wash and body lotion.  I just love it. Of course I get home and look for it on the site and it has been discontinued. Just my luck.  To bad the outlet mall is 2 1/2 hours north of me.

Another scent that they make and is still in circulation is White Tea Ginger. I have been a fan of this since about 2002. A college roommate used the lotion and so did I ;). This is a nice scent and I get lots of  compliments! I highly recommend it.

I also have a few favorite fragrances from Victoria Secrets. Dream Angels: Heavenly is my all time favorite.  I always have the little bottle of spray that fits in your purse. This is very light and stays on most of the day.

A few years back VS came out with Sexy Little Things: Noir. This was actually the scent that I wore on my wedding day.  I came across this while standing in line I was sampling the little bottles and have got several friends hooked on it. I now always have to have some in the house/purse/car.

VS also makes great shower gels and lotions. I recently started using Drenched in Pink: Fresh & Clean. This is great when you are ready for bed after a hot shower.

Lastly, A friend of mine once got me So Sexy Nourish shampoo and conditioner. This is divine!  (Thinking about it makes me want to buy some more tonight)

Do you have any recommendations for a new scent? A girl can never go wrong with to many!

XOXO – Elizabeth