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Need some prayers!

10 Jun

Looking for some extra prayers this evening and tomorrow. My dear Grandmother at the age of 92 years young is having open heart surgery in the morning. Please give Nelda a shout out tonight!

UPDATE:”Mom’s surgery on Monday went remarkably well.  During surgery doctors decided to also do another by-pass using the LIMA artery buried in the chest wall so she ended up with a double.  She didn’t need to be restrained in the ICU and was nodding yes or no to all questions last night.  During the night her breathing tube was removed and she was chatty Cathy this morning—-until 9am when all her stats started to crash.  She was rushed back into the cath lab and doctors discovered that the LIMA by-pass had collasped and she was in the grip of a MI, minor heart attack.  The doctors did an emergency catheterization, installing two stints in the collapsed LIMA and a stint in the artery on the back of her heart, opening everything up 100%.  Once back in ICU she whispered to me that she thought she was going to die during the cath as she heard a doctor say that this ‘whole thing is a huge mess..’  I informed her that afterwards the doctors reported her odds were 80-85% to a full recovery. General opinion is that the new blood supply will more than compensate for any damage caused by the MI. We hope. She’s a little beat up but is still very up-beat. 

She was a wee bit concerned when she learned the doctors removed a vein from her leg and the last thing she wants to do is disfigure her ‘good German legs!” Fortunately the scar will be high on her thigh and her skirts will hide it! She isn’t exhibiting alot of pain, doesn’t need to hold a pillow for a cough, and isn’t complaining about her leg. However one glance at the ten different monitors stacked up behind her, flashing and beeping, is a reminder of just how serious all this is despite my ‘funny little’ stories. 
This little setback will probably prolong her stay in ICU by two days or so but she’s already asking when she’s going to get out so she can get to Houghton Lake.
Nelda’s latest nurse info.
Staci-ICU day nurse. 26, graduated OU. On the job 6 months, boyfriend (she earns more $ than him), no cats or dogs.  From Walled Lake. Lives with folks
Joe-ICU night nurse. 28, On the job 2 years, Graduated OU, no girlfriend, Rott/Golden mix dog, likes frizbee golf. From Walled Lake, Same H.S. as Staci. Has own apart.”

She can still use your prayers…


My sisters, Mother, and Grandmother.


Thank you!!

xoxo- Elizabeth



Wordless Wednesday

29 Feb

We are proud to welcome our new nephew Maxwell Edward into this world. After a very stressful pregnancy Max was born at 39 weeks and very healthy.

At week 14 my sister was put on bed rest. She was not even able to go on her tippy toes. It was a long road of doctor appointment, shots and medicine to keep the little guy healthy and from being born early!

8lbs.3 –  20.5

Born 2/26/12 @ 1:29 am

xoxo – Elizabeth

Two Babies – two very different deliveries!

29 Jun

The last 24 hours have been pretty amazing.

Yesterday I received a text from from sister that they were heading to the hospital at 6:41am and that her water broke. An hour later I received another text letting us know that she they arrived at 7:50 and after 2 pushes and 10 minutes the baby was born!

MARLA RAE was 7 lbs 8oz, 20 inches long, she has small feet with Brown/blondish hair. Due to how fast the delivery was baby Marla received a lot of bruises to her sweet little face! She is doing well and they are all ready on their way home!

After a very exciting morning, my phone rang at 4:00pm. When I saw the name on the phone I knew what conversation was about to happen! A dear friend of mine also had her water break (a few weeks early)  and they were on the way to the hospital.

I went up to the hospital around 7pm to see how she was feeling. Still at 3 cm, contractions were mild but increasing in frequency. I sat there with her until 11ish. They gave her some drug that would get her in labor mode and a sleeping pill.

This morning lots of texting back and forth. Now at 7cm and they gave her an epidermal.

It had been an hour from our last contact, so I decided that during my lunch hour I would swing by the Hospital and see how she was doing. I got to her room and a nurse was walking out. Not know what was going on I was  about to bust through the door. And then I heard it!  A scream like I have never heard before followed by everyone encouraging her to keep going! “YOU CAN DO IT”

I instantly froze. After one last yelp the baby cries began. I stood there not knowing what to do except cry!  I couldn’t stop crying!  Standing there by myself in the hallway crying. So I called my mom. I could not believe how emotional I was. I have two nieces and one nephew but have not had the opportunity to be at the hospital when they were born.

I stood there for half an hour. Not until the last-minute did I think of going to the waiting room where all the family would be! Nope, I just stood there crying, all by myself on the phone with my mom!

Liam Daniel born 12:01 7lbs 3 oz, 20 inches long with a head of dark hair!

Photo Update –



Both babies are doing great! The kicker is I still have two friend due this week! One is actually late by 3 days and the other is delivering her twin boys on Friday! ( keep them in your prayers!)

xoxo – E