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Top Ten – Places to Visit in the US!

7 Jan

My top ten places in the US.


10. Houghton Lake, Mi – My All time favorite place to be. Largest inland lake in Michigan. We spent every summer at our grandparents house since I was born.
9.  Louisville, Ky – If you ever have the chance to visit Louisville I recommend that you go. My sister used to live there and a dear friend from college still does. We try to make it to the Kentucky Derby each year. This is an event that you have to go to at least once in your lifetime! Don’t forget your big fancy hat!
8. Niagara Falls – Passing through on our way to New York we stopped on a raining afternoon. I feel I need to go back again to appreciate the beauty.  It is crazy the amount of water that dumps over the fall.
7. Yosemite – As a child we went camping in Yosemite. From what I remember, the trees were huge and it got really cold at night. We also saw Half Dome.
6. Lake Tahoe – I have been during the winter and summer months. Once as a child and once after college.  My uncle took me skiing, which I had not idea how to do. At the time I was very scared to go down those big mountains. The scenery from the chair lifts was incredible. You can see for miles and miles.
5. Wash DC – My sister lived outside DC and I was only able to visit her once before they moved. We did the tour of DC and all the monuments. Amazing. I highly recommend taking time to do a day trip. Stop at all the monuments and take in what they all offer. My favorite was FDR.
4. San Francisco, CA – I have family just outside of San Fran. I have been there twice, once when I was a child and after college. This city has so much to offer. I need to go back again to full appreciate it.  Fishermen dwarf is a great tourist attraction. We did not visit Alcatraz, but when I go back I will.
3. Boston, Mass – Spent a day visiting this city at the end of summer a few years ago. We were in the are for a short weekend. I often mention this weekend to my husband as one of our favorites! We visited the Aquarium, toured Harvard campus and stopped at some of the local bars.
2. Kauai, Hawaii – Went for a wedding. Absolutely breath taking! This island does not have much of a night life, but that didn’t matter. We spent our days in the sun on the beaches and our evening hanging out under our Lanai. The funnest thing to see were all the chickens. They roam free like pigeons and are all over the island.
1. Round Pond, Maine – Spent a 3 week vacation here. The beaches, the air, and the sun were so clean. I often think back to this vacation and how I would like to go back some day. Fresh lobster every day!

What is your favorite city and have you been to any of these locations?

xoxo – Elizabeth


Kentucky Derby

4 May

I came across a blog post over at Bunkycooks.com – Opening Day at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky and a Bourbon Drop Cocktail that made me realize that this is Kentucky Derby weekend.  If you have yet to make it to Derby weekend in Louisville, I highly recommend it!  We have gone several years now. We have done the Oaks on Friday (Cheaper) and the attended the infield festivities on Derby Saturday. I think the infield party is probably one of the dirtiest party I have ever been to! lol

I tried the Bourbon – not a fan – but I didn’t bring home a stack of the collectible glasses. This year we are missing the races. I guess my little sisters wedding is a good enough reason.. 😉

I may have more attraction to the races than most due to my Grandfather owning/breeding/training derby horses in the 80’s. My parents trained derby horses and they still know many of the trainers, jockeys, and owners.. It is amazing to hear their stories of their most memorable experience! How cool that would be!

xoxo – Elizabeth

White Chicken Chili

1 Feb

Here is a very simple and very fast chili recipe that will for sure win the crowd over! At first sight (due to the color of the spinach) your guests may pass over it, but I guarantee that it will be gone at the end of the night! This would be great to make for your Super Bowl party.


  • White Northern Beans (big jar)
  • Jar of Salsa
  • Block of Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Frozen spinach
  • 1 can of Chicken Broth
  • 3 Chicken Breasts

I usually use a slow cooker and start it a few hours before the party, or you can combined it on the stove if you are running out of time.

What you are going to want to do it….
Start with boiling the chicken breasts until cooked.

White beans into slow cooker. (I will usually drain most of the juice from the jar)
Can of chicken broth soup
Jar of salsa ( You can decide which kind you like, I go with mild)
Add Spinach once thawed. (I usually use frozen spinach in the bag and squeeze extra water into the sink.)
Chop up Pepper Jack and sprinkle 1/2 the block into the slow cooker.
Once chicken is cooked shred it and add to cooker.
As it heats add more pepper jack.
Cook on high until ready to serve and turn heat to low.. Stir often.

I must tell you that this recipe has won several firsts place awards in Louisville cooking contests.

Let me know what you think!