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Are you Obsessed?

7 Mar

I am doing a Repin Challenge at work. If you are on Pinterest (new shiny toy) please repin this photo to your followers! Well, I guess if you like it =) Just click the photo and it will take you to my page!

Thank you! Looking forward to following you back! Please share your Pinterest link below!!

xoxo – Elizabeth


My Pinterest menu!

3 Aug

If I could choose my menu for the day from the beautiful pictures inside Pinterest this is what it would look like.

For Breakfast we will start off with a evenly cooked sunny side up egg with toast.


As I work away at my desk and think about lunch time I pull out my snack to help hold me over.


After I get out of my last morning meeting I race to the fridge and grab my packed lunch!

Opps, wrong pic – that is how I am feeling right before lunch (credit)


After a long day at the office I get home from work and have this waiting for me..

A girl can dream.. (Credit)


After a nice meal with my husband and dog begging from under the table we will cozy up to a evening movie.


Maybe I will include one of these 😉

When all is said an done, we will crawl into the most comfortable bed ever!

What would your make believe Pinterest day look like?

xoxo – Elizabeth