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Top 10 – in your purse!

21 Sep

Stopped by a blogger friend of mine to see what was new with her and she had a fabulous post titled “Put that in your Purse“. Jessica runs a fabulous blog titles: My Time as Mom. Now, I am not a mom yet, but I liked the idea so much that I decided to dig through my very unorganized purse to see what my MUST haves were! I am not including to usual things like check book, wallet. etc.. (I did find my tiffany bracelet in a hidden pocket, WAHOO!)

10. Aleve – This is my go to medicine! Perfect for cramps or headaches!

9. Smell Goods – I always give a little spritz before I head into work, before a meeting, or grocery store.

8. My glasses case – Never know when you need to take them off!

7. Business cards – You may run into someone new or someone old! I have professional work business cards, but I like to hand out my fun personalized ones!

6. A little scratch pad of paper – Sometimes I just want to doodle.

5. Hair clips or pony tail holder – I have Hair Gone Wild. I freak if I cant find a hair tie so every time I find one laying around I throw it in my purse!

4. Mints or pack of gum – Have to keep your mouth so fresh and so clean clean!

3. Mini Hand Sanitize – Nothing worse then touching some unknown object and you cant get to the sink!

2. Shiny lipgloss – Nothing expensive because I ALWAYS lose them! As my Grandma says, but not a quote “A girl should always have a little lipstick on!”

1. A Black Sharpie – You would be surprised how many times I have pulled out my sharpie to save the day!

There is not anything that out of the ordinary on my top 10 list. How about yours – what is your top ten?

XOXO – Elizabeth