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Shopping for Him

7 Dec

Christmas is around the corner and I am just about finished with my shopping. I am still figuring out what to get my darling Husband. We are not doing big gifts, but still looking for something quality!

Below are of my ideas I wanted to share:

  1. Husky 20 in. and 8 in. totes – I hope to never hear “Where is that…” again.


2.  Personalized Watch Case – This is gift he actually bought for himself, but wanted to share as I wish I had got it for him.


3. LED Knit Hat – These actually are very bright at night! A cheaper gift that is perfect for the outdoors man.


4. Car Wash Coupons! I usually get a 10 pack from out nearest Carwash. He just loves these, especially for the winter!


5. Smoker  – We smoked our Thanksgiving turkey this year and now he is obsessed!


Please share your ideas!!

xoxo – Elizabeth