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100th Post!

1 Sep

This blog was created in December 2010. The idea was to explore different cooking recipes, the ups and down living with my husband and how life changes as you head into the next stages in your life. Almost two years later I have hit my 100th post and almost 8,000 views. It’s crazy to think that anyone would want to read what I have to say. I greatly appreciate all the support, comments and feedback I have received thus far. Thank you.

It is fun to look back and reread old posts! Here are my top five posts!

1)A Wordless Wednesday dedicated to a piece of art my mother created for my husband for Christmas.

Tip of the thumb, Michigan

2) I am always looking for new recipes. There is a tab at the top of the blog ¬†“Share your Recipes” . where I am ¬†looking for you to share a good family recipe or one that you love to cook!

3)The third most popular post goes to a shout out to the month of May – National Food Month. I reached out to people who have blogged about the foods that are honored in the month of May. Stop by and see all the different recipes! Strawberries, Salsa, Asparagus… If you have a blog post please feel free to add in the comments!

4)I hate to even mention this post that I shared about a little problem we had with White kitchen mites. After several attempts with bug killer, orkin man, and lots of scrubbing these nasty little things finally went away on their own! Click the picture to read the full story!

Tiny White Kitchen Mites

5) Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month? Click the link to get a really killer Grilled Cheese recipe!

How many posts do you have on your blog?



White Kitchen Mites

28 May

I have not been in the kitchen much that last couple months and even less in the last month. This past week I was filling a vase of flowers and noticed dust all over the faucet. As I leaned VERY close I noticed that the dust was moving ever so slowly. GROSS! What the hell are those! I found them all over the kitchen sink and on a couple things around the sink.

I wiped down the sink and faucet with Soft Scrub with Bleach and within seconds of wiping it away they were back. I immediately Googled my little problem “tiny white kitchen mites” and found a few articles. Some called it mold mites, or flour mites.

We were going away for Memorial weekend so I stopped at Home Depot to pick up some Damp Rid and a mold/mildew spray. I sprayed down the counter and put a few containers out. Hoping my problem was coming from moisture under the sink. We turned a fan on and went away.

When we returned our little house guests were still here. Frustrated I sprayed them with Lysol and wiped them away.. (they instantly came back) When I opened our food cupboards they party had grown! I pulled the garbage bin and threw out everything that was open. It did end up being mostly pastas, noodles, flours, mixes… So I Googled again… Maybe these little suckers are food mites…

I NEED HELP!! How do I get rid of these nasty tiny little bugs and have you ever had then.


UPDATE: After a lot of hard work, sprays, wiping and cleaning the damn little bugs went away on their own!

xoxo – Elizabeth